Our Values


We engage with others respectfully. We discuss, propose, and oppose ideas; we do not attack individuals. Disagreement does not equal hate. We do not condone, endorse, or encourage any abusive or discriminatory behaviour towards any group or individual


We work collaboratively, standing together, sharing information, and building connections with like-minded groups and individuals, curating community and resilience, to achieve positive outcomes.


Facts matter. Our approach is to consider the evidence to make informed decisions and communicate in a factual and honest way. Legislation, policy, guidance and decisions that affect lesbians, gay men and bisexuals must also be based on evidence.

Clarity of Meaning

We communicate ideas, and engage in debate, based on clear and accurate definitions. We uphold the legal and scientific definition of homosexuality as sexual orientation towards people of the same sex, and of bisexuality as sexual orientation towards people of either sex.

Reality of Biology

We recognise that sex is binary, female and male, and that (for the vast majority of people) sex is determined at conception, observed at birth (or in utero), and recorded. We reject the co-opting of rare medical Differences in Sexual Development (DSDs/intersex conditions) in order to cast doubt on the binary nature of sex.

Individual Freedom

We support women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy. We stand with lesbians in rejecting pressure to accept as sexual partners, or admit into lesbian spaces, males who define themselves as women. We stand with gay men in rejecting pressure to accept as sexual partners, or admit into gay men’s spaces, females who define themselves as men.


We are non-party political. We engage with organisations and publications with diverse political views. However, we do not, and will not, forge links with, or accept funding from, any organisation that does not share our values or whose aims we consider to be fundamentally hostile to the rights of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals, or that seeks to undermine women’s reproductive rights.