Lost Lesbian Space

This project is to document the space and events lesbians have lost since the advent of the LGBTIQ movement. Most events these days are mixed sex and there is very little left in the way of women only space for lesbians and bisexual women.

Click on the +/- on the map to zoom in and out.
If you click on a pin it will open a window in the map which will tell you details of the event or space.
While many of the buildings still exist, the lesbian and women only events held in them no longer exist.

We’ve documented most of the lost lesbian spaces in Victoria.
The total number of lesbian spaces on the map of Victoria is 102. Of these 102 spaces and events, 96 no longer exist (purple pins) .
Of the six that still exist (green pins) , three now come under the queer umbrella and are no longer lesbian only space.
The only three that still exists as a lesbian entity is lesbian owned Spinifex Press, a feminist publishing house which has published many books written by and about lesbians, the Ace Girls lesbian tennis group and The Matrix Guild, an organisation who support older lesbians.

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