• Public Statement from LGB Alliance Australia regarding Katherine Deves, Liberal Candidate for Waringah



    There has been a lot of recent public discussion about comments made by Liberal party candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves, including scrutiny around her work on women’s sex-based rights. Deves is a co-founder of Save Women’s Sport Australasia, a group whose focus is outside our scope, but whose mission we support. Although we do not always agree with the language used by Deves, we agree with her overall message that single-sex sports are important for inclusion and fairness to girls and women. Our organisation similarly advocates for single-sex spaces, such as spaces for same-sex attracted people i.e. lesbian-only spaces and gay male-only spaces. As a non-partisan group, we invite discussion of greater nuance than is currently being held in the highly politicised pre-election environment.

  • Statement on the Importance of Single-Sex Spaces

    LGB Alliance Australia unequivocally supports trans and gender diverse peoples’ right to hold trans-only events at the exclusion of all other people. However, we would like it documented that it has been deemed discriminatory in Australia for LGB people to hold same-sex only events i.e. events exclusively for lesbians or gay men. We find this unfair and hypocritical.

  • Our Statement on Religious Discrimination Bill and Associated Legislation

    Statement on Religious Discrimination Bill and Associated Legislation

    LGB Alliance Australia welcomes the shelving of the Religious Discrimination Bill, noting that even conservative, religious politicians in Australia disputed the need for the legislation.  This bill was a trojan horse for discrimination against marginalised communities, many of whom were concerned that equality in law does not mean equal outcomes in reality. Australians should be free to hold personal beliefs, religious or otherwise, but the tension between the right to exercise religious rights and the right to freedom from discrimination for other communities (including minority religious communities) needs to be better balanced than the Bill would allow.


  • LGB Alliance Australia submission to Australian Psychological Society

    LGB Alliance Australia has written a comprehensive submission to the APS (Australian Psychological Society) warning them of the dangers of "transing" gay and lesbian youth.
    We have had both psychologists and psychiatrists work on this with us.
    You can read the submission here