• Detransitioners in Australia

    We have been amazed at the bravery of Australian detransitioners the past week in sharing their stories and seeking to protect others from similar medical harms. We hope such stories will encourage conversations around how gender ideology uniquely impacts LGB youth.

  • Statement on the Western Australia Review of the Equal Opportunity Act

    We are aware of the report by the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia and have concerns about the impact on LGB people, especially the recommendation to redefine homosexuality on the basis of gender rather than sex. It will take some time for us to fully consider such a large report, however, given its intention to update the entirety of the Equal Opportunity Act.

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  • Media Statement on Single-Sex Spaces

    Over the past week, we've received considerable interest in the Tasmanian case on single-sex spaces. We've produced a media statement detailing our viewpoint.

    A PDF of our statement can be found here.

  • LGB Alliance Australia Submission for NSW Equality Bill

    As Australia’s largest advocacy group for same-sex attracted people, we’re proud to contribute to the proposed NSW Equality Bill. This important proposal will have a profound effect on our community so it’s important to ensure we have a voice.