Media Statement on Single-Sex Spaces

Media Statement on Single-Sex Spaces

Over the past week, we've received considerable interest in the Tasmanian case on single-sex spaces. We've produced a media statement detailing our viewpoint.

A PDF of our statement can be found here.

While Jessica Hoyle is not a member of LGB Alliance Australia, as has been reported, we support the right for same-sex attracted people to congregate in single-sex spaces. This includes the right for lesbians and bisexual women to hold female-only events at the exclusion of all others.

We understand and support the need for minority groups to gather, including events organised exclusively for trans and gender diverse people, or cultural groups, and ask that this same right is afforded to LGB people, who have a minority sexual orientation. There are events run for the broader LGBT community - LGB Alliance Australia supports the community by running a variety of events with varied attendees, noting that this should be allowed to include single-sex events.

As we can see in this case, denying lesbians the right to hold lesbian-only events is homophobic discrimination against lesbian women, which affects the rights of all solely same-sex attracted people.